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Family of Harold SMITH and Beatrice Joan FURNEAUX

Husband: Harold SMITH (1876-1924)
Wife: Beatrice Joan FURNEAUX (1883- )
Children: Harold Anthony Warrington SMITH (1920-1944)
Marriage Sep 1914 London, England

Husband: Harold SMITH


Harold SMITH, 1900, age 24, harold smith

Name: Harold SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick SMITH (1840-bef1891)
Mother: Elizabeth M TAYLOR (1843-1928)
Birth 18 Apr 1876 Birkenhead, Cheshire
Death 10 Sep 1924 (age 48)

Wife: Beatrice Joan FURNEAUX

Name: Beatrice Joan FURNEAUX
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1883

Child 1: Harold Anthony Warrington SMITH


Harold Anthony Warrington SMITH, 1942, age 22, harold anthony warrington smith

Name: Harold Anthony Warrington SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Oct 1920 London, England
Death 4 Aug 1944 (age 23) Florence Italy

Note on Husband: Harold SMITH

cause of death: Cancer

Note on Child 1: Harold Anthony Warrington SMITH

Lieutenant Smith, 1st Battalion, The Scots Guards, was born on 19th October 1920, and at Loretto from September 1932 to July 1938. He was in the VI Form, Editor of the Lorettonian, and a Lance-Corporal in the O.T.C. After a period of training and service at home, he went overseas and took part in the North African campaign of 1943 and the Italian campaign of 1944. He was twice wounded, in North Africa and at Anzio Beachhead. On 4th August 1944, while acting as Pioneer Officer during the battle of Florence and driving up to the front in his jeep, he was killed by the explosion of a mine.


The Lorottian Society Roll of Honour



Lieutenant Anthony Smith (full name Harold Anthony Warrington Smith), 1st Battalion, Scots Guards is listed on the Middleton Cheney War Memorial. He was the son of Sir Harold Smith K.C., M.P. and of Lady Joan Smith of Charlton, Oxfordshire. Anthony’s father - Sir Harold, was the younger brother of F.E. Smith, First Earl of Birkenhead.


Sir Harold and Lady Smith lived at Middleton House until Sir Harold died at a comparatively young age of cancer, when she moved into Lexton Lodge. Anthony was educated at Fettes in Scotland, which is presumably why he joined the Scots Guards. He was too young at the beginning of the war to join up, so he became a member of the Home Guard. As soon as he was old enough he joined the Scots Guards and first saw action in the Norwegian Campaign in 1940. He was a much loved only child and spent his short life in Middleton Cheney and Charlton. Anthony was killed just outside Florence, by a landmine on a road. He was buried nearby in Florence War Cemetery, Italy on the 4th of August 1944 – he was 23.


Middleton Cheney Village Heritage: Lest we forget WWII