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Family of Herbert Gordon BEVIS and Kathleen May BULL

Husband: Herbert Gordon BEVIS (1886-1967)
Wife: Kathleen May BULL (1893-1980)
Children: Kathleen Valerie Patricia BEVIS (1922-2000)
Marriage 12 Feb 1918 St Peter's Church, Southsea

Husband: Herbert Gordon BEVIS


Herbert Gordon BEVIS, c. 1915, age 29, Herbert Gordon Bevis


Herbert Gordon BEVIS, Scan10010d


Herbert Gordon BEVIS, c. 1915, age 29, Charles William Bevis with Florence (Marmie) Wills


Herbert Gordon BEVIS, Bevis sidney Alice Charles or Ernest and Gordon 1914 yarborough Road

Name: Herbert Gordon BEVIS
Sex: Male
Father: Charles William BEVIS (1854-1927)
Mother: Alice QUICK (1853-1909)
Birth 7 Feb 1886 Portsea, Hampshire
Death 24 Jan 1967 (age 80)

Wife: Kathleen May BULL


Kathleen May BULL, c. 1915, age 22, Charles William Bevis with Florence (Marmie) Wills

Name: Kathleen May BULL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 May 1893 Southsea1
Death 18 Mar 1980 (age 86) Cambridge1

Child 1: Kathleen Valerie Patricia BEVIS

Name: Kathleen Valerie Patricia BEVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 29 Jan 1922 Birmingham
Death 2000 (age 77-78)

Note on Husband: Herbert Gordon BEVIS

JBT believes Gordon may have been in Canada in 1911 which would explain his absence from the census

Note on Wife: Kathleen May BULL

Kathleen's father had shops, one on the corner of Kings road, southsea which is presumably where Gordon met Kathleen.

Gordon and Kathleen went to live in Cambridge not far from Marshalls airfield which JBT cycled to see when visiting once. The airfield had a white wall on one boundary which JBT was able to use as a visual navigation aid when returning to UK during the war.2


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